Review of Superbook Casino

Given that Superbook promotes itself as a “lean, mean betting machine,” it is not surprising that this casino lacks the trappings of many of its competitors. It is mostly a sportsbook, although it also contains a casino.

Superbook, a subsidiary of Domain Holdings Ltd, was first positioned as a betting service for North American sports, but has subsequently expanded its offerings to include normal casino games.

English is the primary language, and US dollars and bitcoin are the sole acceptable currencies.

Diverse Range of Betting

As stated before, Superbook is a specialist in sports betting, and this remains their primary emphasis.

With the NFL, NBA, soccer, baseball, horse racing, tennis, golf, motor racing, hockey, and college football, North American sports remain a focal point. If you’re looking for a more unique wager, you may wager on yachting or the next Olympics. There are other unique events, such as betting on the US presidential election and other political elections.

There is also a selection of casino-style wagers, including roulette, poker, blackjack, slots, scratch cards, and table games.

Although foreign players are welcome, the betting options are mostly geared at the American market, with virtually little for the rest of the globe. In addition to the sports betting being centered on the United States, the casino games are rather simple compared to those accessible. This is why the betting options have garnered bad comments.

The Best Gambling Resources

Superbook focuses on the sports market and allows participants to wager on a variety of mostly American sports.

In light of this, Superbook offers a variety of outstanding tools that may assist you in tracking and analyzing your performance as well as placing more precise wagers.

When betting on basketball, you will have access to a tip sheet with information from experts regarding forthcoming games and prospective odds. In other sports, it is possible to examine team statistics, which should make it easier to place an appropriate wager.

And if you need a little more help deciding how to gamble, you can also look at the betting trends or the ten most popular active wagers that are presently being placed.

Taking a look back at your track history may also be an intriguing read, and Superbook provides a mechanism for doing so. Reviewing your wins and losses as well as your betting trends may be quite illuminating.


Aside from the available games, one of the most crucial aspects that attract players are the incentives provided.

With Superbook, players earn a limitless 10 percent starting bonus. After this first bonus, there are two more reload incentives available for deposits above $250. The maximum reload bonus amount is $500.

These benefits include a 20 percent rollover rate for sports betting and a 35 percent rollover rate for casino play. These rates pertain to the amount of bonus paid.

You may register an account for these perks with as little as $20.

If you play in the poker room, your first deposit will be matched by 100 percent up to a maximum of $650. This is a pay-to-play promotion, but you’ll earn Frequent Player Points for every dollar you spend. When you achieve 167 Frequent Player Points, you will get a $10 bonus.

If horse racing is your passion, you may wager on more than 70 different courses. And it gets even better since the next day you will earn a rebate of 8% on exotic wagers and 3% on straight wagers. This implies that regardless of whether you win or lose, you will get a portion of your money back the next day.